the veda project

"igniting peace and love through Vedic wisdom..."  

veda interfaith project everyone is a v.i.p.  

                            realizing the Vedic vision of "unity in diversity"...




The Veda Interfaith Project is dedicated to promoting peace and harmony among people of all religious and philosophical traditions through storytelling, sharing of common values, and in serving our local and global communities.


*The framework for building “religious pluralism” though storytelling, shared values, and service is adopted from Eboo Patel, the founder and director of the Interfaith Youth Core.




Objectives include:     


  • Educate youth and community on world religions and facilitate interfaith dialogue among local churches, spiritual centers, schools, and universities 
  • Support international education projects to promote intercultural exchange and the global vision of attaining "education for all" 
  • Provide school learning and service projects to involve youth in learning about diverse religious communities around the globe  


Kathryn is delighted to talk on interfaith issues as part of a world religions or interfaith curriculum. If you are interested in having her come speak at your school, spiritual center, or place of worship contact her at or 509.710.9123.