the veda project

"igniting peace and love through Vedic wisdom..."  


One masala project 

                                         promoting peace through spices...


Masalas (spice blends) are the perfect metaphor for the Vedic vision of "unity in diversity." Individual spices retain their unique flavors and aromas, yet blend smoothly with other spices to become One masala.

Our mission is to serve wholesome Ayurveda based vegetarian meals to our local community  as well as raise funds through the sale of Chai Masala Tea and Seasonal Spice Masalas to empower women and girls living in rural parts of India with education. 

Aim for Seva, an international non-governmental organization which holds a special UN status,  is our affiliated organization:

Contact Kathryn at or 509.710.9123 if you are interested in becoming a partner in raising funds to open and sustain a girls school home in India. Also see the Wise Earth Ayurveda Page!