the veda project

"igniting peace and love through Vedic wisdom..."  


     the veda project 



To empower local and global communities, especially women and girls, through education and the sharing of traditional Vedic wisdom to ignite love and wholeness within the world.



Wise Earth Ayurveda: Empower individuals to sustain nurturing and balanced lifestyles through cultivating inner peace and self care using ancient Vedic healing practices as unveiled in the feminine earth based tradition of Wise Earth Ayurveda.

One Masala Project: Provide wholesome Ayurveda based vegetarian meals for local shelters and local community events.

Girl in Bloem: Increase educational opportunities for women and girls living around the globe while increasing intercultural awareness.

Veda Interfaith Project: Realize the Vedic vision of "unity in diversity" by promoting peace and harmony among people of all religious and philosophical traditions through community based interfaith learning.