the veda project

"igniting peace and love through Vedic wisdom..."  



ayurveda in the Wise Earth tradition


        "Wise Earth's path of reclaiming wholeness, radiant health, and abundance is rooted in the ancient Vedic principles of sadhana - living in accord with nature's rhythms and cultivating a nurturing, nourishing, and compassionate relation toward the self, toward others, toward nature, and all of her life forms.  Sadhana practices teach us to cultivate the understanding that protecting nature within and without deepens our individual consciousness."   

Swamini Mayatitananda, Spiritual Director/Founder of  Wise Earth Ayurveda 


Courses Offered:


 Vedic Chanting and Japa Meditation


Food, Breath, and Sound


 Courses include: 


  • Introduction to Wise Earth Ayurveda principles
  • Vedic cooking sadhanas including: making ghee and khichadi, an introduction to nature's six tastes, vegetable cutting and cooking, art of blending seasonal masalas, kneading, rolling, baking chapati, and making seasonal chutneys
  • Pranayama
  • Vedic chanting and japa meditation
  • Vedanta philosophy